Skincare specialist gives tips on how to wash your face properly

29 July 2014

The act of washing your face sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. Apparently this simplistic task involves more detail than we initially thought – which is why The Huffington Post has pointed out how exactly we should be cleansing our faces.One Facial Therapist and Skin Specialist has highlighted the importance of cleansing – and how the following steps can benefit your face’s appearance:
  • Ditch the 20 second rule. It’s a common belief that people tend to cleanse for just 20 seconds, but give yourself a full minute to massage the cleanser into your skin. From covering the forehead right down to the neck, massaging helps to stimulate toxin removal as well as boost blood flow – all helpful things to improve your facial aesthetics.
  • You need more than water to cleanse your face. Your dust-covered clothes don’t get clean thanks to water alone, so the same practice should be applied to your face – use a cleansing product.
  • Always use fresh water. Just because you’ve filled your sink with fresh water, all you’re doing is splashing your face with the same dirty water.
  • Having problem skin means I need to use strong cleansing products. Avoid this mindset, as the harsh chemicals will strip your skin – and once the skin becomes irritated, will lead to more breakouts. Opt for PH balanced products that can specifically treat problem skin.
  • I use a cleansing scrub on a daily basis but I’m left with dry skin. That’s because scrubs should be used sparingly – once or a twice a week, in fact. Overuse will leave skin dry and flaky.
  • Cleansing aggravates my skin. Check to see if it’s suited to your skin type, as buying a cleanser based simply on brand or budget is not enough.
Are you guilty of any of these face-washing sins? Or do you recommend your own cleansing tips? Leave your suggestions on our Twitter page – and together, let’s all ensure we stick to a proper facial washing beauty routine!