29 January 2014

Frau vor einer SchönheitsoperationA University of Kansas Cosmetic Surgeon who last year said his practice saw a regular flow of patients enquiring about such procedures has outlined the main common traits in those seeking a consultation before undergoing a Facelift. According to Dr J David Kriet, the vast majority of his patients were healthy, of a stable weight range, aged between 48 and 75, and were seeking help either for loose facial skin, or to eradicate stubborn fat deposits around their face or neck."Many patients begin considering Facial Rejuvenation techniques in their mid-40s but typically only pursue non-surgical treatment options like Dermal Fillers at that time," said Dr Kriet. "However, once those same patients reach their late 40s and early 50s, they often transition into considering surgical options such as the Facelift," he added. "Furthermore, many patients opt to maximise the results of their Facelift by combining both surgical and non-surgical procedures."