The best way to treat uneven pigmentation

1 October 2015

With summer coming to an end and sun-tans beginning to fade, you may notice some unwanted imperfections on your skin from your time spent enjoying the sunshine. Dark spots are caused because UV rays stimulate melanocyte cells to produce more pigment. This pigment is transferred to your skin cells, creating dark patches and freckles that can age the look of your complexion.

But help is at hand if you’ve over done it this summer and Laser Treatments are a very effective solution to uneven pigmentation and brown spots. As New York based skincare expert Dr. Robert Anolik explains, “By a landslide laser is the answer…These days, lasers can eradicate everything from broken blood vessels and redness to uneven tone, large pores, fine lines and brown spots… for individual dark spots, the quickest way to eliminate them is by lasering them.”

PPx Lasers work by using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to rejuvenate the skin and even out its tone. PPx is a virtually painless treatment, requiring no anaesthetic or numbing agent. In fact patients often describe the sensation as akin to a warm massage. For the best results a series of 4 – 6 treatments is recommended to effectively destroy unwanted dark pigment, though you should see improvements very quickly.

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Image credit: Irina Bg/ Shutterstock