24 June 2014

When we think of fairy tales, we think of the quintessential rags-to-riches story where an ordinary girl undergoes an incredible makeover, transforming her into a beautiful princess. While sadly we dont live in a fairy tale world, in the real world however we can undergo a dramatic transformation via Cosmetic Surgery with one such procedure aptly titled Cinderella Surgery. An operation designed to enhance the appearance of womens feet (from altering the size to improving the shape), its the latest procedure to prove a hit across the Cosmetic Surgery community and for Paulina Charlikowska, proved a life-changing experience. It sounds silly, but Ive always hated my feet and felt too embarrassed to get them out in front of my friends, admitted Charlikowska. Because I work in the beauty industry, I spend all day looking at peoples feet, which made me even more unhappy with my own. After watching a television documentary about a woman having her toes shortened, Charlikowska made the decision to do the same and hasnt looked back since. However, some surgical experts are less than impressed with this procedure with many Cosmetic Surgeons expressing concern that foot surgeries are hugely invasive, increasing the risk of restricted joint movement as well as permanent pain. One Consultant stated: Surgeons registered with the British Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society, the regulatory body, would only perform foot surgery to relieve pain or correct a deformity such as severe bunions or clawed toes. In the most extreme cases, theres even a small risk of life-threatening blood clots. Even when surgery is successful, it involves spending at least six to eight weeks recovering. I would never recommend it unless its necessary. In the case of Danielle Sandler, this is something she knows all too well where following an operation to remedy her hammer toes, is now left in excruciating pain. I think now that the surgeon was more concerned with correcting the appearance of my feet than their function. He didnt explain to me the impact the operation would have on my body as a whole, she said. Sandler added: People should think very carefully before they jump into having foot surgery for cosmetic reasons. Its not worth the risk just for the sake of vanity my feet are more painful now than they were before. Have you ever considered Cinderella Surgery? Tell us whether youre for or against this procedure on Twitter today.