13 May 2013

sb10064243f-001A world-renowned cosmetic dermatologist is singing the praises of a non-surgical alternative to the neck lift. The Nefertiti neck lift is a technique using multiple Botox injections across the lower jaw line and towards the platysma muscle. This helps the underlining muscles to balance, lifting the jaw and the neck area.A well-defined jaw line and a perfect neck are prominent in the early years of our lives but as time passes, with the numerous signs of ageing, the skin around the neck starts to sag, giving it an unpleasant look, said Dr Chytra V Anand, medical director of the well-known Kosmoderma Clinics in Bangalore. The treatment done with Botox helps in an upward movement of the skin and reduces sagging, giving you a well-defined neck and detailed contours. Nefertiti is a convenient process which imparts a younger, tighter and contoured look to the neck without going through any kind of surgery. To get the perfect neck and facial structure, many patients choose to combine Nefertiti with Botox on the upper face as well. To sustain the look, the treatment should be done at regular intervals of three to four months.