The Thoughts every woman has before a Breast Augmentation

21 September 2015

A Breast Augmentation is a big (even life changing) decision, so it’s completely natural to feel a little nervous before – or when trying to decide upon – the procedure. Here are some of the most common queries we hear from Breast Enhancement patients:

Will my implants look natural?

This depends very much on the results the individual patient is hoping for and whether that will be proportional to her frame. Some women are looking for very big breasts from their surgery, giving them more of an enhanced appearance, while others opt for a subtle boost to their chest. You can discuss this at length with your Surgeon during your free consultation with The Harley Medical Group.

Will I still have to wear a bra?

During your recovery period you will have to wear a sports bra to protect your chest while you recuperate following the surgery. After this period however one of the benefits many patients report is the option to not wear a bra as their implants are much perkier than their natural breasts.

Can I breast feed after having a Breast Augmentation?

Yes. Providing you could produce enough milk before the procedure, the surgery should have no impact upon your ability to lactate. It is a little known statistic that 25% of women are unable to produce enough milk to feed a baby with or without a Breast Augmentation – something which has led to the widely held misconception that an implant will hinder breast feeding.

Should I tell people I’ve had a Breast Augmentation or keep my procedure quiet?

This is absolutely a matter of personal preference. For patients wanting to keep their surgery to themselves we recommend undergoing a Breast Augmentation during the winter months. This way bulkier winter clothes and layers will conceal obvious changes to your body shape, as well as any post-op swelling.

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Image credit: Paul Matthew Photography/ Shutterstock