21 July 2010

In some ways, I can see why people get tempted by the idea of having cosmetic surgery done abroad. The idea of sun and sand can certainly turn your head a bit, especially when you live in the decidedly grey UK most of the time. Then there's the price issue, you see plenty of adverts for cosmetic surgery abroad that promise cheap prices and all inclusive deals, people who have a tight budget might think they've stumbled onto the perfect solution - but I can't stress often enough how much of a bad idea it can be! So I'm really, really pleased to see The Ugly Face of Beauty on Channel 4, as Dr Christian has been highlighting some of the dangers of choosing to leave the country to have cosmetic surgery done. It was really upsetting to hear about the women who suffered at the hands of doctors overseas, and it's the kind of thing I hate finding out about - but if we don't hear about the dangers we don't know how to protect ourselves from them, right? In my opinion, the most important thing to think about if you get tempted by a cheap deal abroad is what kind of care you can really, honestly expect. After care is massively important, as are initial consultations, and if you're likely to be back home by the time you start healing - how are you going to get back in touch with your doctor? And what if there are communication problems between you and your surgeon? All too quickly a dream solution can turn into a nightmare experience. Whether you decide to stay in the UK or go abroad, there are a couple of things you really have to insist on whenever you're considering surgery and choosing your cosmetic surgery provider. They are: meeting your surgeon beforehand, making sure you understand them - even if it means bringing in a translator, checking that all costs are inclusive and that you won't be charged extra for unexpected things. The other important thing to find out about is the after care. While there are some risks associated with surgeries, having a competent, capable and qualified team of surgeons and doctors can make all the difference. Don't just hand over your credit card with a head full of dreams, think smart guys!