The ultimate timetable for your holiday beauty prep

The ultimate timetable for your holiday beauty prep

25 June 2015

Summer has finally arrived! So with holiday season in full swing, when’s the best time to make those all-important beauty preparations for the perfect pre-vacation glow?

One month before you go – dye your hair

Your hair colour is likely to lighten in the sun, so leave a least a month before you go if you’re going to dye it. If you usually have highlights, it’s worth asking your colourist to make them slightly darker than usual to compensate for the UV exposure. Then use hair care products with UV protection while you’re away to preserve the colour.

Two weeks before you go – tint your lashes

Tinted lashes are brilliant for a low-maintenance holiday look. Leave your mascara at home and instead book a tint two weeks before your trip. Remember – you may need to leave up to 24 hours for a patch test, so don’t leave your appointment too late!

The week before you go – wax and tan

For silky smooth legs when you hit the beach, book a wax the week before you leave. Do this before you apply any fake tan to avoid stripping off the colour as well as your hair.

To avoid that ‘just arrived pale’ look, apply a base coat of fake-tan a week before you leave. Moisturisers with gradual tanning ingredients are a good way to build natural looking, streak free colour.

Two days before you go – have your nails done

Gel nails last longer than standard polish so they’re a great option for a holiday proof manicure.  Not only are they less likely to chip, but the gel stays shinier for longer, so your hands will look fresh from the salon for your whole vacation.

The night before you go – have a facial

A deep cleansing face mask the night before you fly will leave your skin glowing when you arrive. For extra fresh-faced appeal go make-up free when you fly and apply moisturiser to avoid skin drying out on the plane.

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Image credit: TravnikovStudio/ Shutterstock