11 December 2013

Businessman in suitOnce men hit their thirties, they really start to take steps to preserve their looks, feeling the pressure of maintaining standards set by trend-setters such as David Beckham and actor Ryan Gosling. New research from department store retailer Debenhams suggests that many 30-something men spend more than 100 a month on spa treatments, moisturisers and eye creams. That was three times as much as the average expenditure for men in their twenties. And the pressure doesn't ease up once they hit 40, where the average spend on grooming products among those surveyed was 70.Perhaps most surprisingly, many men in all these age groups said they would be happy to spend up to 50 for their favourite moisturiser more than four times as much as is spent by the average woman on similar products, according to an earlier survey by chemists' shop chain Superdrug. Debenhams believes that much of the 600million annual expenditure by or for men on skincare products will take place in the run-up to Christmas, with many seeking to look their best for the party season. "The stigma associated with male grooming has finally disappeared and men are not only willing to spend money to maintain their looks, they are also recommending products to one another and frequently visiting salons and spas, sometimes in groups," a spokesman for the department store told The Daily Mail.