Top Cosmetic Surgery trends forecasted for 2015

Top Cosmetic Surgery trends forecasted for 2015

21 November 2014

As 2014 draws to an end, Cosmetic Surgeons are looking towards the year ahead and predicting which procedures and treatments will be the most popular – read on to find out; you may be surprised.

1.    Hair and Eyebrow Transplant
Having met with such approval this year, experts are forecasting promising things for the Hair Transplant. More and more celebrities are admitting to undergoing the procedure which is leading to an increase in the number of men considering having a Hair Transplant. For women, Eyebrow Transplants are set to be huge on account of celebrity inspiration from Keira Knightley, Kate Middleton and of course Cara Delevingne.

2.    Vampire Facelift
This modern treatment was made popular by Kim Kardashian and has proven to be an effective solution for minimising the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, evening out skin texture and tone, and banishing blemishes. It also boosts the volume of your skin by stimulating the production of collagen.

3.    Line & Wrinkle treatment
What simpler way to iron out fine lines and wrinkles than with a reduction treatment? This non-invasive option has surged in popularity over the course of 2014 to become the nation’s most requested Anti-Ageing solution. It works by injecting toxin which paralyses your facial muscles, leaving skin smoother and more youthful.

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