Try these time-saving tips for beauty on-the-go

Try these time-saving tips for beauty on-the-go

5 July 2016

Try these time-saving tips for beauty on-the-go

Short on time in the morning? Would you rather spend an extra 10 minutes in bed than begin a painstakingly long beauty regime? Well you’re in luck because here are some great time-saving tips to follow, courtesy of the author of Mum Hacks: Time-Saving Tips To Calm The Chaos Of Family Life – so you can catch up on your sleep without compromising on looking glam.

  • Make-up

Rather than opting for moisturisers and creams that come in fiddly jars, choose products packaged in pumps and enjoy quick dispensing without any spillage.

Another easy time-saver are multitasking products, such as lip tints that also work as blushers, mascara wands that lengthen and curl, and foundation that doubles up as a powder compact.

Does your foundation take ages to apply evenly? Opt for a tinted moisturiser to give you even coverage and hydration – without having to spend precious minutes blending in front of the mirror.

Finally, choose products in shades that are as close as possible to your natural complexion – meaning mistakes are less noticeable and you don’t have to take as much care applying them.

  • Hair

Before blow drying, towel dry your hair until it is around 70 per cent dry. This not only helps you to dry it faster once you turn on the hairdryer, but gives you extra time to style it exactly how you like it.

Always attach the nozzle to the end of your hairdryer to channel the heat exactly where you need it, drying your hair faster. This also helps to flatten your hair cuticles giving you shinier locks – and you can’t argue with that!

Using a vented hair brush allows you to style your hair while drying it, ensuring your ‘do is dry and looking fabulous in next to no time.

  • Overnight

Who says your beauty regime is a morning only occurrence? You can save lots of time the night before with these tricks.

A fan of fake tan? Apply it over your moisturiser before going to bed to wake up with a glowing complexion – meaning you’ll need less make-up.

Give yourself a mascara-free month by tinting your eyelashes one evening.

Removing all of your make-up properly before sleeping will ensure you have no leftover eyeliner and mascara debris the next morning – giving you a fresh and clean base to start applying your make-up.

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