20 November 2013

Camera and TV newswomanLike many other women, as she grew older, TV news anchor woman Heather Warner feared she might increasingly be judged by her appearance. And so when she had the chance, she decided to grill an expert on anti-ageing treatments. The answers she got were so reassuring that she then agreed to undergo a course of Dermal Fillers, and report back on the experience for viewers to her station, FOX43 in central Pennsylvania. Over the subsequent three months, mum-of-three Warner has been regularly reporting back on her treatment and progress and says she has been delighted with the results."The anticipation of it all was much worse than the procedure itself. It took less than three minutes, and it was over," wrote Ms Warner after undergoing her first treatment. Within three days she started to notice a reduction in the wrinkles on her forehead, which she claimed "had smoothed out tremendously". Six days afterwards, she was so pleased with her look that she took an impromptu 'selfie' while waiting to collect her children from school. Later, Warner returned to have some Fillers administered in her cheeks. After feeling the beneficial effects of the local anaesthetic, she reported: "I immediately noticed the difference." In her most recent updates, Warner said that the treatments' full effects lasted for two months and three weeks and added that she "would definitely consider" returning for more courses.