08 September 2009

British women looking to undergo cosmetic surgery procedures are being advised to check their surgeon's credentials to ensure they are in the capable hands of a respected practitioner working for an established company.The Plastic Surgery Channel reports that a group of cosmetic surgery patients in London are demanding the enforcement of strict legislation in the city to ensure that only skilled practitioners are permitted to perform treatments. Ethical cosmetic surgery companies in Britain are supporting this renewed drive towards greater oversight, hoping to establish more successful and effective treatments and a dramatic reduction in botched procedures carried out by unskilled, unregulated surgeons. These six women being represented by solicitor Paul Balen claim they have suffered disfigurement due to substandard non surgical procedures. Mr Balen believes that there are many more women in similar situations who have failed to make their voices heard, but hopes that new regulations will see this change. A survey conducted by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons revealed that 40 per cent of its member surgeons had corrected complications resulting from permanent filler injections, while one in five had been required to correct complications arising from body contouring operations. Cosmetic surgery patients in the USA are able to check their surgeon's credentials by confirming that they are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This means the Surgeon has years of experience and training behind them and has passed strict oral and written examinations, ensuring that patients are in the best possible hands.