Want to get rid of blackheads? Here’s how!

Want to get rid of blackheads? Here’s how!

25 February 2016

Want to get rid of blackheads? Here’s how!

Do you spend hours in front of the mirror agonising over every pimple, blackhead and whitehead? While we don’t advocate picking them, they’re not going to just go away by staring at them. So here are some tips for banishing them once and for all.

  • What causes blackheads?

When hair follicles become blocked by bacteria and dead skin cells, this leads to the formation of blackheads. Melanin and surface pigment is what makes them look black but contrary to popular belief, blackheads and poor hygiene do not go hand in hand.

  • How can I get rid of them?

The best way to remove blackheads is with regular exfoliation. Try to exfoliate once a week to slough off dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. This will prevent your pores from becoming blocked. Choose a mechanical brush, Skin Peel (glycolic, lactic, mandelic acids) or face wash containing salicylic acid.

  • I’ve got sensitive skin, can I still exfoliate?

If you have sensitive skin, opt for a gentle exfoliator and reduce the number of times you exfoliate to prevent irritation. Choose oil-free makeup and reduce your intake of dairy and sugar to give your skin the best possible chance of remaining blackhead-free.

  • How soon will I see results?

It’s important to bear in mind that results are not immediate and you should incorporate the above treatment methods into your daily routine in the long-term. It could take months before you notice an improvement so keep at it.

  • Can’t I just squeeze them?

It’s not recommended to squeeze blackheads as this can lead to infections. If you absolutely must though, ensure both your hands and face is clean first. Don’t press downwards on the blackhead – instead place a finger either side and gently roll the skin. Clean your face again afterwards and pat dry.

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Image credit: ThamKC/ Shutterstock.com