Want to know how you\\\'ll age? Look at your mum!

Want to know how you\\\'ll age? Look at your mum!

17 May 2016

Want to know how you'll age? Look at your mum!

We’re always on the lookout for effective Anti-Ageing solutions – but until you start noticing those first wrinkles, how do you know how well you’ll age? Experts recommend looking at your mum for the answers. That’s because genetics play a big role in how you age.

Of course, environmental factors come into play too where ageing is concerned. Spending a long time in the sun or smoking influences the way you age – but sagging skin, wrinkles, and age spots are all linked to your genetic makeup. Which unfortunately means if your mum aged prematurely, you may well do the same.

Galderma recently surveyed mums and daughters across the US as part of the Mom Genes campaign. It found that 73 per cent of the daughters thought they were ageing the same way as their mothers – with the former experiencing the same sagging skin, fine lines and forehead wrinkles.

New York-based Dermatologist Dr Doris Day suggested mums and daughters should have frank, open, and honest discussions about skincare and ageing. And it makes sense. After all, if we’re likely to undergo the same issues as our mothers, any advice they can give us may help to prevent the early onset of ageing.

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Image credit: michaeljung/ Shutterstock.com