“What if I have?” Michelle Keegan responds to Cosmetic Surgery rumours

28 October 2015

Moving from the cobbles of Coronation Street to the polished pavements of Essex in 2014, it’s fair to say Michelle Keegan has stepped her look up a notch or two in the glamour stakes.

The actresses glossy new look has, however, sparked a wave of speculation, with many of her social media followers suggesting the star had undergone Lip Fillers and Botox. One follower @hayleymcgarryxx wrote, 'Definitely got fresh fillers here.' While another commented, 'She's had her lips done.'

So after months of rumours in the media, Michelle has finally addressed questions about whether she has undergone any Cosmetic Treatments to achieve her look – though she hasn’t exactly set the record straight.

“It doesn’t really upset me” the actress said in a recent interview, “People always say, ‘have you or haven’t you?’ But it’s my business. It’s my face. So what if I have or haven’t I don’t read it when people speculate about it.” – so that’s a definite maybe then!

This isn’t the first time Michelle has faced questions about her appearance, in March she denied rumours that she had veneers fitted to her teeth. “Just to say…” she commented on the Alan Carr show, “I have 100% not had my teeth done… They are my teeth. So I’ll take that as a compliment.”

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Image credit: Featureflash/ Shutterstock