15 August 2014

It may be summer but if youve noticed that you sweat a lot, regardless of the temperature or when youre not exercising then you may be suffering from Excessive Sweating (or Hyperhidrosis). While it can make you feel self-conscious, Excessive Sweating is nothing to be embarrassed about the condition is very common. So how do you know if youve got Hyperhidrosis or youre just sweating a lot? Canadian Dermatologist Dr. Nowell Solish says: If its impacting the quality of their life or their everyday experience and all of the things that they do [] they have a medical condition called Hyperhidrosis. Although the cause is unknown, there are certain triggers which can make Hyperhidrosis worse: anxiety, spicy food, hot temperatures, and alcohol. Its time to take action and seek treatment for your Hyperhidrosis when the sweating stops you from partaking in your usual daily activities, says Dr. Solish. There are different treatments available depending on the severity of the condition and the areas which are affected, with initial treatment usually taking the form of strong antiperspirants. If theres no change, sufferers can have Botox injections in their underarm which can reduce sweating for around six months. Could you be suffering from Hyperhidrosis? Send us a tweet with your questions today.