15 September 2008

As much as I enjoy watching the contestants sing their hearts out on the X-Factor (although sometimes I can't watch when the poor person really can't carry a tune), it's the relationships between the judges that really get me hooked. The first round of the auditions is almost over, but its Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue who've grabbed my attention.

I read not all that long ago that Dannii felt a little threatened by the addition of the young Girls Aloud star to the judging panel - but if you ask me, she's still looking fabulous - and who says that once a woman gets a little older she can't compete with those still in their first flush of youth? The Australian singer has had boob job in the past, as well as extensive work with fillers, and she's looking great for her 36 years. In fact, I think it's pretty hard to believe that there's an eleven year age gap between them!

Back when Dannii started on the show, she was alongside Sharon Osbourne whose feisty personality, cosmetic surgery makeovers and sharp tongue made her a favourite with the viewers - if not always with the other judges. So newcomer Cheryl has some pretty big shoes to fill. And, luckily, she seems to be managing it just fine so far.

The biggest question is whether the two of them will be able to give famously grumpy Simon Cowell a run for his money. Known to many as the face of the X Factor, it might be worthwhile for Simon to meet his match in one of the ladies - at least that means we'll get to see more of them smiling than his scowling all the time!