07 August 2014

When we think of Acne, we tend to associate it with the usual teenage troubles (such as getting up before noon in the weekends). However, this skin condition can remain an issue well past your teens – with Adult Acne affecting women in their 20s right through to their 40s. But why exactly do we suffer from this and how can we remedy Adult Acne? Hormones are certainly a culprit when it comes to this skin condition, but other contributing factors such as cosmetics, medications and haircare products also play a part. Increased levels of androgens (male hormones present in both men and women) can over-stimulate the oil glands, leading to producing excessive amounts of sebum (oil) – which in turn, results in high amounts of Acne-causing bacteria on the skin. Additionally, Acne can also be hereditary – so if a parent suffered from it, you’re highly likely to develop Adult Acne too. Be careful when it comes to cleansing products, as certain creams may not be right for your skin; speak to a Skin Care specialist to ensure you find the right product to complement your skin type. However, treatment is fairly simple: follow a simple Skin Care routine, be liberal with your medicated creams, avoid picking at your skin and book an appointment with your Dermatologist as soon as possible. The earlier you treat Acne, the better chance you have of keeping it under control. Do you have Adult Acne? What have you found to be the best treatments? Send us your facial advice on our Facebook page today!