Why moisturising is essential for healthy skin

4 November 2014

How often do you use moisturiser? Morning and night? Once a day? Or perhaps just when your skin feels a bit tight? A recent study indicates that women are not taking moisturiser application seriously, believing that it makes no difference to the appearance of their skin. In actual fact, moisturising is essential for healthy skin - here are some reasons why.

It prevents dry skin

If you’ve ever wondered why your skin looks dry and feels sore, think back to when you last applied moisturiser. If your skin is lacking in hydration and moisture, it will become dry and irritated.

It prolongs the ageing process

Dry skin is not as flexible as healthy skin, which leads to wrinkles forming more easily, and in turn, to you looking older than you are.

So when is the best time to apply moisturiser? The cleaner your skin is, the easier it is for it to absorb moisture. An ideal time to moisturise is immediately after a shower. Don’t forget to change your moisturiser in accordance with the seasons too – the cold wintery chill often calls for a thicker, heavier moisturiser for maximum protection.

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