Why most women have one breast larger than the other

Why most women have one breast larger than the other

4 October 2016

Why most women have one breast larger than the other

Most women’s breasts are asymmetrical. “Breasts are sisters, not twins” as Dr Bradley Bengtson explains it. Usually the difference is so minor only you would really notice, but it still begs the question – why would one breast be larger than the other?

There are a few different theories on what causes breast asymmetry in the medical world.

In puberty, when breast asymmetry is very common, the difference could be associated with rapid growth spurts. It’s possible that one breast can respond more to surging levels of oestrogen in the female body, causing it to grow larger than its counterpart.

One study found that 88 per cent of women had a natural asymmetry in their breasts and another attributed the difference in size to fluctuating hormone levels during ovulation.

If you feel self-conscious about breast asymmetry it’s important to know that the vast majority of women have one boob bigger than the other and in most cases the difference in size isn’t noticeable to anyone else.

There are, however, procedures which can correct breast asymmetry if it’s something you’re very unhappy with.

For mild differences in size, fat transfer can be used to increase the size of the smaller breast. This is a procedure in which fat from another area of the body is removed and put back into the breast.

For a more significant difference in breast size, implants and a Breast Augmentation can be used to create symmetry. “Implants are usually 30-40 cc different in volume from the next implant size up or down, so we can definitely dial in and make breasts more symmetrical” explains Dr. Bengtson.

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