28 August 2013

Woman rubbing cream onto faceInfluential news and blogging website The Huffington Post has advised its millions of readers that, when looking for skincare products, they should check their ingredients list for substances known as peptides. These groups of amino-acids form virtual chains in the skin, and boost its ability to produce collagen, the natural protein which is also harnessed in many cosmetic anti-wrinkle treatments. Ingredients listed on a jar of a skin cream may refer to either peptides or amino-acids, said the article's author, Dana Oliver.For example, The Harley Medical Group's own Anti-Ageing Moisturising Complex includes a biopeptide ingredient, which is expressly added to boost the skin's collagen-producing capacity, and so enhance its ability to resist the formation of wrinkles. There are also peptide products available in the company's clinically-proven range to help with oily and acne-prone skin while also nourishing it; a Replenishing Exfoliator, and the award-winning Performance Eye Lift gel. Specific peptides have properties which are particularly beneficial to certain skin areas, Oliver wrote. These include soy peptides, which help combat puffy eyes, while retinol is especially effective for reducing the appearance of wrinkles.