Woman speaks out about having a Facelift at 80

Woman speaks out about having a Facelift at 80

2 March 2015

When Elizabeth Moore decided to look into Anti-Ageing Cosmetic Surgery, her friends couldn’t understand – but the 80 year old maintained that her face looked too old in comparison to how young she felt.

Mrs Moore said: “I hoped I could go back to looking as I did a decade ago, when I felt more confident.”

The retired university lecturer decided on a Facelift, coupled with Medical Microdermabrasion and Dermal Fillers to plump up her cheeks.

Mrs Moore is just one of many who are turning to Cosmetic Surgery at an older age to help turn back the clock. One Cosmetic Surgeon attributes the trend to the fact that people are much healthier and fitter these days than in previous years.

He said: “They don’t feel their age, but because they look older, they’re still perceived by our society to be doddery old ladies, and they don’t want that.

“They’re a generation who have worked hard and saved, so they have surplus cash to spend, Cosmetic Surgery techniques have advanced so much in recent years that they can look younger in a subtle, natural-looking way.

“But it’s less about looking younger than having a confidence boost.”

Despite her friends initial concerns, Mrs Moore was delighted with the results of the procedure, saying “I wanted to look the very best I could, and now I feel I do. I look in the mirror and feel much more confident about what I see. I no longer look tired and miserable, which I did previously because my cheeks were sunken and I had deep lines near my mouth. I now look rested and well.”

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