The Harley Medical Group

Our Mission is to be...

"The company most trusted to deliver an exceptional aesthetic result and experience to each and every person"


Our Values


All of our procedures, treatments and the suppliers we work with are tried and trusted.  We operate excellent independently audited facilities across our nationwide clinics, which are heavily regulated either by the CQC* or the HIW** and our Cosmetic Surgery procedures are carried out at our selected fully registered hospitals.   We maintain extremely high standards of training which ensure we offer the best quality of professionalism and care throughout the patient's journey with us.

Our aftercare policy is in place to ensure our patients receive the best care following their surgery or treatment.


Ethical and fair treatment of all our patients and staff is paramount in everything we do.

Patient well-being is always our first priority, and if a procedure or treatment is not required we will always let them know.


We are consistently open and honest with all our patients to ensure patient expectations are managed and they are realistic in their choices, so we maintain a level of responsibility and reliability.  We will always ensure that the patient fully understands any risks or limitations prior to undergoing a procedure or treatment.


We care about every patient and customer as individuals, offering the best standard of care throughout their journey.  Our staff will always be here for our patients, to support each person every step of the way.  We value staff wellbeing highly and all go the extra mile to support our patients and each other.


We are a passionate company dedicated to enhancing people's lives.  Ultimately our success is driven by our commitment to ensure that every patient is happy and would recommend us as a reliable, trusted and quality provider.

*CQC: Care Quality Commission

**HIW: Healthcare Inspectorate Wales

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