Teardrop vs round breast implants: what's the difference?


Medically reviewed by T K Sankar, Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

If you are unhappy with the size or shape of your breasts, then breast augmentation surgery might just be the right option to help boost your self-esteem and confidence.

When it comes to considering a boob job, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is what type of breast implant to have. Do you want to have a teardrop or round breast implants? What about the size, shape and position of the implant too?

According to T K Sankar, Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at The Harley Medical Group, round breast implants are the most common type of implants women choose for a breast augmentation procedure. 

On the other hand, teardrop implants tend to appeal more to those looking for more subtle results. But what is the difference between the two and which type is best for you and your body shape? Read on to find out more. 

Types of boob jobs

When considering breast implants, your first decision is about the type of boob job that you wish to have:

  • Breast enlargement: this type of breast surgery will improve the shape of the breast and also increase the size through the use of breast implants.
  • Breast uplift and enlargement: this type of breast surgery combines a breast uplift (where the loose skin that forms from breastfeeding, pregnancy, weight loss or ageing is removed and the breast reshaped and lifted) with a breast enlargement to replace the lost volume. As a result, you will have breasts that are more lifted and youthful looking.

Types of breast implants

breast implant shapes

Here are some more details about the two main types of breast implants:

  • Round implants

Round breast implants are the classic shape that most women envision when a boob job comes to mind. This type of implant helps to achieve more fullness in the top part of the breast, giving a curvaceous figure with even proportions. If you would like a curvier, fuller look, then round implants may be the best option for you. 

  • Teardrop implants

Also known as anatomical implants, they give the breasts a more natural shape, as they slope gently from the nipple to the breastbone. If you are looking for a more subtle, natural result, then teardrop shape implants could be worth considering. In the UK, most breast implants used for cosmetic augmentation are round implants. 

At The Harley Medical Group, we are proud to use MENTOR® breast implants. Produced by Johnson & Johnson (who have specialised in making healthcare products for over 125 years), they are recognised as one of the world’s leading breast implant brand in terms of safety and quality for your total peace of mind. 

What is the difference between teardrop and round breast implants?

There are some key differences between teardrop and round breast implants that you need to be aware of, and could influence your decision about which type of implant is for you:

  • The thickness of the silicone gel (cohesive)

The thickness of the silicone gel found in the round implants may be different from the one found in the teardrop implants. This key difference is most obvious when a woman lies down or stands up, as with round implants the fluid will settle and create a different look, whereas with tear drop implants the shape is fixed and will not change. 

  • Their shape and appearance

The main difference between the two implants is in their names. Self explanatorily, round breast implants are round-shaped and feature more fullness of the upper breast part. Round implants also give more cleavage and lift than teardrop implants. Teardrop implants, in comparison, are oval-shaped and smaller on the top than on the bottom. This helps to recreate the natural shape of the breast more easily. 

How to choose the correct breast implant for your body/breast type

It’s important that you choose the type of breast implant that will best suit your frame. For example, if you have a smaller build and not much breast tissue for your surgeon to use, then tear drop implants might be the best option for you as they allow for a more natural level of projection and shape. However, if you are curvier to start with, round implants may allow for better-proportioned results. 

Your expert surgeon will recommend which type of implant is best for you. 

The position of your breast implants

breast implant insertion

Once you have chosen the best type of breast implant for you, next you need to consider where your implants should be positioned in order to get the results you want:

  • Under the muscle (submuscular) /Dual plane

Having breast implants placed under the chest muscle means less risk of visible ripples or firmness because there is more tissue covering the implant. However, a longer recovery time may be associated with the breast surgery procedure and potentially more pain. 

  • Over the muscle (subglandular)

If you want a faster recovery time or have more natural breast tissue to start with, then it is likely that the breast implant will be able to be placed over the muscle without the risk of rippling or firmness. Again, your surgeon will recommend the best placement technique for your implants, depending on the quality of your skin and the amount of breast tissue you have.

Find out more about the difference between under the muscle vs over the muscle breast implants and which one may be best for you. 

Key Learnings

Having breast enlargement surgery can give you the boobs that you have always wanted, especially if your breasts are uneven, saggy breasts or you simply wish that they were bigger or more lifted.

If you would like to improve your confidence, contact us to book your consultation with one of our expert professionals, where you’ll be able to discuss your enhancement expectations and requirements.

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Our years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery allow you to rely on The Harley Medical Group for assistance on a wide range of cosmetic breast concerns. 

Posted February 23, 2022
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