Jaw Line

One of the most distinctive areas of the face, the shape of a person's jaw line is a common focus area of cosmetic surgery.

The jaw line can also act as a sign of ageing. The lower jaw continues to grow later in life, leading to a more square appearance. This can cause younger people with naturally square jaw lines to appear older than they really are, as opposed to those with curved jaw lines who may appear more youthful.
Cosmetic surgery procedures for the jaw line

Procedures such as face lifts can help to tighten jaw lines that have begun to lose definition. Those who wish to lift a sagging jaw line with a face lift or neck lift can specify that their surgeon makes an incision under the chin, rather than across the more traditional hairline, thereby hiding the incision within the natural contours of the face.

Patients looking to strengthen their jaw line can opt for chin implants, which can also improve facial symmetry..

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