Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening

Understanding what is available and which treatment or procedure is right for you when considering fat reduction and skin tightening can be complicated. Many procedures sound the same, so how do you choose one over the other?

At The Harley Medical Group, our team of specialist surgeons and nurses will be able to advise you which fat reduction treatment or  procedure is right for you based on the results you want and the laxity of your skin.

However, we understand the importance of a little advance knowledge so we have developed a guide to help you get started before you visit your local clinic for a free, no obligation consultation.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a helpful tool, used by the government and healthcare professionals, to advise of the healthy weight range for your height.

If you choose to go ahead and book a free consultation with us, we may require your BMI in advance for safety reasons.

Here’s a simple tool to help you calculate your BMI.

BMI Calculator
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