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High standards for us, peace of mind for you

Updated 9th June 2020

Our founded on care approach is at the heart of everything we do. Care centred on you has been and always will be our priority, from your first enquiry through to your aftercare.

In light of COVID-19, we are introducing our new Enhanced Care Standards to give you peace of mind when you next visit us in clinic, knowing that we are providing the highest levels of safety and hygiene to protect the wellbeing of both patients and colleagues.


  • CQC Registered - Our clinics are, and always will be, CQC registered. The CQC, Care Quality Commission, ensure that health services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate and high-quality care. All re-opened clinic locations have been risk assessed to ensure we have a safe environment
  • Testing - We are providing our employees with daily COVID-19 temperature testing to be able to triage prior to starting work daily to protect the safety of our patients and other colleagues.
  • Pre-appointment - You will need to have an appointment to be able to come into our clinics. We ask that you attend alone wherever possible and limit the number of personal items you bring. Please don’t wear jewellery and if you’re discussing a facial procedure, please remove all make-up in advance. We will also ask you a set of screening questions prior to your appointment and you will receive a contactless temperature check on arrival.
  • Social Distancing - We are adjusting our clinics to accommodate social distancing with glass shields where required and 2 metre spacing. We will also stagger appointment times to reduce the number of patients in reception at any one time.
  • Hand Hygiene - We are enforcing strict hand hygiene for all employees and patients requiring them to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds before all appointments, and any activity that could result in hands becoming contaminated. All clinics will also be fitted with hand sanitising dispensers for patient use, on arrival and before leaving.
  • PPE - Our employees will all be wearing appropriate PPE equipment offering protection for them and our patients. This will vary depending on the nature of the procedure, in surgery we have upgraded to adhere to the new guidelines which includes full surgical gowns and face visors. We will also be providing patients with face masks on arrival to wear for their appointment.
  • Cleaning & Disinfecting - We use high grade disinfectant and are introducing more frequent and thorough cleaning in our clinics, with 15 minutes built in between each appointment to clean our consultation rooms before the next patient arrives.
  • Surgical Procedures - For all surgical and minor surgical procedures, we will provide a COVID-19 test before surgery and the results will be available 48 hours before being admitted to the hospital as part of the safety triage process. In addition to the enhanced PPE for surgeons, all hospitals will be undertaking extra safety precautions and the theatres will all have appropriate ventilation.
  • Infection Control Audit - We are introducing a regular infection control audit to ensure our clinics are COVID-19 secure.

Our Responsibility

It is our responsibility to provide you with the highest standards of safety and hygiene, so we ask you to help us fulfil our Enhanced Care Standards by playing your part too.

Please respect social distancing when in clinic and arrive on time for appointments to allow us to follow our heightened cleaning schedule.

If you have a cough, fever, or symptoms of COVID-19, then please do not come into our clinics. We will happily reschedule your appointment for when you have been symptom free for at least seven days. If you live with other people in your household, please do not come into clinic for 14 days.

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or have knowingly come into contact with someone who has, then please do not come into our clinic for 14 days from the date of your positive result.

Together we can deliver the highest standard of care, to provide you with peace of mind when undergoing a procedure with us.

Clinic Opening Dates

ClinicWeek of Opening
Harley Street15-Jun
City - Liverpool St15-Jun
Wimbledon (permanently closed)Appointments moved to Harley St

Announcement from Mark Norfolk, Managing Director of The Harley Medical Group

Updated 20th April 2020

In the past few weeks, the COVID-19 virus has affected all of our lives. It is a hugely challenging time as we adjust to a new way of living.

For many of our colleagues at The Harley Medical Group the biggest challenge has been stepping up to the frontline to care for those most in need. We are immensely proud of all our NHS and care workers and find their collective efforts a true inspiration.

First and foremost, we want to thank our clients, employees, friends and family for supporting each other through this difficult time and for working together to keep safe and well at home. We sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding of the exceptional circumstances that have resulted in disruption to your appointments.

What you need to know

Our founded-on care approach is at the heart of everything we do, and our priority is the safety of our clients and employees. As such, we will be keeping our clinics temporarily closed to help the national effort to fight the virus and slow down the spread, easing pressure on our hospitals and care workers.

You don’t need to take any action to reschedule your appointment. We will contact you when we are in a position to rebook your procedure. Please rest assured that we are committed to resuming all medical and ongoing skincare treatments as soon as it is safe to do so.

If you were due to be seen for a post-operative appointment with your surgeon in the coming weeks and do not have any clinical concerns, we appreciate that this would be deemed unnecessary travel for you in the current climate. However, if you do wish to discuss any post-operative concerns with your surgeon, please email us at and we will make the necessary arrangements to contact you.

Keeping in touch

When we all stay in touch it makes things that little bit easier. Our friendly team of advisors are happy to answer any urgent queries via email at As you can imagine, we’re dealing with lots of enquires so please only get in touch if it’s urgent and we ask that you kindly bear with us if it takes a little bit longer than usual to reply to you.

We’re keeping our website and social media up to date with all the latest news as well as lots of helpful tips, advice as well as exclusive offers on skin products we can ship to your homes.

Instagram: @harleymedical

Twitter: @harleymedical

Facebook: /theharleymedicalgroup

From of all of us at The Harley Medical Group, we hope that you and your families will continue to stay safe during this time.

Warm wishes,

Mark Norfolk

Updated 23rd March 2020

Our founded-on care approach is at the heart of everything we do, and we absolutely put the health and safety of both our clients and employees as our number one priority.

This is why we have made the difficult decision to temporarily close all of our clinics as of this evening. We have taken every precautionary measure to keep the health and wellness of our employees, clients, friends and family safe to date, but with the escalating situation to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we feel it is time to close the doors to our clinics.

In keeping with our commitment to support the NHS, this will also allow our medically trained doctors and nurses to join the NHS effort while some of our clinics will be offering necessary services.

We are immensely proud that our medical teams will be able to deliver the level of care to those most in need at this uncertain time. With some of our colleagues joining the NHS workers, we urge you to please stay at home to help ease the pressure the NHS is already facing, and to protect the vulnerable and elderly.

We remain committed to delivering the highest standards of care to all of our clients and employees and our ambition is to safely re-open the doors on 1st May providing it is safe to do so.

What you need to know now:

We will still be providing all ongoing, post-operative support via our on call team or clinics for our clients requiring care and support. All affected clients will be contacted directly but please do not hesitate to call us should you have any queries.

For all upcoming appointments, we are currently calling individual clients to reschedule to a later date.

Our Customer Service Centre remains open as usual to support you via 0330 838 4292, our friendly team of advisors are also happy to answer queries and you can find more information via our website, too.

We will also keep you informed with regular updates on our website, via social media channels and email so please keep in touch with us digitally during the closures.

We cannot thank you enough for your loyalty and support. Stay safe and well - and we look forward to seeing you back in clinic soon.

Take care of yourselves, your loved ones and your communities.

Advice regarding Coronavirus for Harley Medical Group Patients

Updated: 19th March 2020

Our founded-on care approach is at the heart of everything we do and we absolutely put the health and safety of both our staff and clients as our number one priority. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest clinical standards of cleanliness and hygiene throughout all our practices and hospitals. We have reviewed and increased our already incredibly rigorous cleaning and hygiene programme. All of our staff follow stringent hand hygiene policies, including double cleansing of their hands before and after each treatment and using gloves where necessary. All treatment rooms, machines, utensils and work surfaces are wiped and sanitised after each client and hand sanitisers are available for use throughout all of our clinics.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the Coronavirus (COVID-19) as pandemic; COVID-19 is a new strain of Coronavirus, first identified in December 2019, that can affect your lungs and airways.

The symptoms of coronavirus are:

  • A high temperature (indicated by thermometer or feeling hot to touch on chest and/or back)
  • A new continuous cough (this means you've started coughing repeatedly)
  • A shortness of breath

However, presenting these symptoms do not necessarily mean you have the illness as they are similar to other illnesses that are much more common, such as cold and flu.

Actions to take if you have symptoms:

  • If you live alone, do not leave your home for 7 days.
  • Do not leave your home for 7 days from when your symptoms started, however mild they are.
  • If your temperature is still high after 7 days, stay at home until it’s back to normal.
  • If you live with other people, keep everyone at home for 14 days.
  • The 14-day period starts from the day when the first person in the house became ill.
  • It is likely that people living within a household will infect each other or be infected already.
  • Staying at home for 14 days will greatly reduce the spread of infection to others in the community.
  • If you can, move any vulnerable people (the elderly and those with underlying health conditions) out of your home, for the whole isolation period. If you cannot do this, stay away from vulnerable people as much as possible.
  • Ask your employer, friends and family to help you to get the things you need to stay at home
  • Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds, each time using soap and water, or use hand sanitiser
  • If you feel you cannot cope with your symptoms at home, or your condition gets worse, or your symptoms do not get better after 7 days, then use the NHS 111 online coronavirus service. If you do not have internet access, call NHS 111. For a medical emergency dial 999

Our daily steps to limit and prevent transmission

At The Harley Medical Group want to reassure you that the health and safety of our clients and team is our top priority. With that in mind, we want to give you an insight into the daily steps we take, as well as the additional steps we are taking to be extra vigilant amid growing concerns around the Coronavirus.

Our Clients

As many of our clients frequently travel for business and pleasure, as well as travelling from abroad to see us, as ask that you adhere to:

  • The advice of the WHO, the National Health Service (NHS) and Public Health England with regards to the spread and containment of Coronavirus.
  • If you have returned from any of the countries listed on the government website in recent weeks awe ask that you reschedule your appointment to a date that is 14 days or more from the date of your arrival back into the UK.
  • If you have been told by the NHS to self-isolate please let us know as soon as possible and we will rearrange your appointment.
  • If you have visited one of our clinics within the previous 14 days and have since been diagnosed as having contracted Coronavirus, or has been in proximity to someone who has been diagnosed as having contracted the virus, we ask that you please make us aware so that we can take necessary action.

Our Team

Our team are double cleansing their hands before and after each consultation or treatment and are using gloves where necessary.

Hand sanitisers are also available for you to use within the clinic at any point during your visit, these are located at the reception desk. Our toilets and consultation rooms contain adequate hand washing facilities.

We are also monitoring our teams travel ensuring that anyone who has visited an area of high risk is taking the recommended steps to protect those around them.

Our Clinics

We pride ourselves in the standards of cleanliness at our Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW)  registered clinics. Our team always ensures that our consultation rooms are wiped and sanitised after each client, and all rooms are thoroughly cleans overnight ready for the following day.

Covid-19 Secure Risk Assessment: Clinical Environment

Advice to help avoiding the spread of Coronavirus

  • Wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds
  • Always wash your hands when you get home or into work
  • Use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
  • Put used tissues in the bin straight away and wash your hands afterwards
  • Try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell

If in the last 14 days you have either:

  • Travelled to any of the areas currently affected by the coronavirus
  • Have had direct contact with a confirmed case of the novel coronavirus

Please do not attend your appointment at the hospital or clinic. Seek advice by calling NHS 111.
You can also find information by visiting the Public Health England website

Thank you for your support and commitment to the healthy and well-being of our community.

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reschedule my appointment?

We will try to contact you to reschedule your appointment, if we are unable to contact you after 3 attempts we will leave a message and rebook your appointment to ensure you have a priority slot when we reopen.

I had a consultation booked, what happens now?

If your consultation was booked for after the 23rd March, we will try to contact you to reschedule the consultation. If we are unable to contact you after 3 attempts we will leave a message and rebook your consultation to ensure you have a priority slot when we reopen.

I have purchased a course of treatments, what will happen to my treatments now?

Our clinics are only closed temporarily and your treatments will continue as normal once we reopen.To ensure you are able to take all treatments in your package we will be extending all packages by the period for which we are closed.

How will I know when the clinic reopens?

We will contact you by email and SMS, if you would like to opt in please click here. In the meanwhile for the latest information regularly visit our website and we recommend you bookmark this page for easy reference. You can also follow us on our social channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Will delaying my laser hair removal appointments affect my results?

A delay in treatment will naturally delay the final results of treatment, however you will still see good results. The results you have already achieved will not be reversed and once your treatment resumes you will continue to see further improvements. At sk:n we continually review the results of treatment to ensure that your treatment plan delivers the best results and we will continue to do so.

How long will you be closed?

We will continue to work within government guidelines and reopen once we are advised that it is safe to do so. To stay up to date with the latest information you can opt in for our emails/SMS, visit our website, we recommend you bookmark this page for easy reference. You can also follow us on our social channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Why are the clinics closed?

Our clinics are temporarily closed in light of the current situation with COVID-19 and government direction to close.

Last updated: 25 March 2020
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