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Medically Reviewed May 2022, by Mr Sankar - Chief Medical Officer for The Harley Medical Group

Clitoral hoodoplasty

The clitoral hood, or prepuce, is the tissue that naturally drapes and conceals the clitoris to protect against over-stimulation. This sheath naturally retracts during sexual intercourse leaving the clitoris exposed. However some women with excess prepuce find they cannot climax as the surplus tissue limits stimulation.

Hoodectomy or Hoodoplasty removes the excess tissue allowing the clitoris to become more easily exposed enabling women to experience improved sexual sensitivity.

Reasons for having a hoodectomy

  • Dissatisfied with the exterior appearance of the vagina
  • Clitoral hood has drooped or is redundant (possibly linked to ageing and childbirth)
  • The excess skin can cause irritation when wearing clothes or exercising.
  • Decreased sexual stimulation due to excess skin leading to reduced ability to orgasm

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The procedure

The clitoral hood, or prepuce, is the tissue that naturally drapes and conceals the clitoris; it is the most forward extension of the labia minora, and is lifted out of the way for clitoral exposure during a hoodectomy.

The hoodectomy is performed under anaesthesia to ensure patient safety and comfort and generally takes less than one hour to perform even when combined with a labiaplasty, as it is a relatively straightforward procedure.

The technique used involves a bilateral excision of the tissues covering the clitoris. When the clitoral hood is being reduced, the clitoris and nerves are not actually being affected. This is not a circumcision procedure.

Patients experience minimal recovery time and are able to return to work in 3-5 days and resume exercise and sexual activity within approximately 3-5 weeks. Some swelling and minor discomfort should be expected during the healing phase.

Sitting for long periods may be painful and this includes driving (which should be avoided temporarily). Strenuous exercise and lifting has to be temporarily suspended until swelling is reduced and healing is complete.

The visual enhancement will be noticeable immediately after surgery and improvements will continue for the first three weeks, as swelling resolves.

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To ensure a swift recovery with optimum results we have recommended aftercare guidelines including:

  • You will return from theatre with a sanitary pad in place, you must wear one of these continuously until your post-operative appointment.
  • You will not be permitted to drive for 1 week following surgery; arrangements must be made for you to be collected.
  • You must start to shower twice daily upon your discharge – DO NOT use soap directly on the area for the first 7 days.
  • You must drink between 2 – 3 litres of water for the initial 2 weeks following surgery.
  • Avoid wearing thong underwear for 6 weeks following surgery.

You practitioner and surgeon will be able to advise you on your complete Cosmetic Gynaecology aftercare guidelines

Hoodectomy prices

Procedure From
Clitoral hoodoplasty £5,175

As every single patient is different, there is no set price for hoodectomy. Therefore, the cost of clitoral hoodoplasty surgery can differ on a case-by-case basis. In order to get a bespoke quote, find your nearest clinic and book a consultation with one of our nurses to discuss your requirements in complete confidence.

The price you are given will include everything from the procedure itself, to the cost of your overnight stay and aftercare appointments. All prices quoted are complete and there are no hidden extra costs.

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