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Harley Medical Group Manchester

We have recently moved to our NEW LOCATION - 1 ALBERT SQUARE, M2 3FU. Our newly refurbished clinic is located on the corner of John Dalton Street and Albert Square overlooking the famous Manchester town hall.

At The Harley Medical Group we know that every person is unique, you just have to look at the characters in our team to see that, so we take pride in ensuring each visitor to our clinic gets a journey specifically tailored to them.

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Manchester Team

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Consultant Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon
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Consultant Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

Our Surgical Procedures

At The Harley Medical Group we take pride in delivering a high level of service by highly trained professionals. Which is why you can ask our team in Manchester Clinic any question about the procedure and know that the answer you will receive will be honest, comprehensive and informative. Our specialist surgeons are highly skilled and very experienced and our hospitals are world class.

We also have an extensive list of past patients who will be happy to tell you about their experiences and what you can expect, in addition we have before and after pictures for you to look through.

Procedures consulted for: 

Breast Enlargement  (Breast Augmentation) Rhinoplasty  (Nose Reshaping)
Breast Lift  (Mastopexy) Ear Reshaping  (Otoplasty)
Breast Reduction Eye Bag Removal - Upper and / or Lower  (Blepharoplasty)
Male Chest Reduction  (Gynaecomastia) Face Lift  (Rhytidoplasty)
Liposuction Neck Lift  (Platysmaplasty)
Tummy Tuck  (Abdominoplasty) Brow Lift  
Arm and Thigh Lift
Vaginoplasty & Labiaplasty


At The Harley Medical Group we use Mentor Breast Implants to achieve the most natural result, whatever size you choose. Breast Implants can be inserted in a variety of different ways and your Cosmetic Surgeon will discuss the best method for you at your free, initial consultation.

For more information please visit our Breast Surgery pages.

We also consult for a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures for men.


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The Manchester clinic of The Harley Medical Group has been featured in Master Manchester’s ‘Top Places for Breast Implants in Manchester’. Please click here to learn more... 


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We understand that reading about other patient experiences is important to you so we have put a selection of stories online for you to read.  When you attend your free consultation, your nurse counsellor will be able to offer you the opportunity to talk to previous patients about their experiences here at the Manchester clinic. 


Sharon Moore – Breast Augmentation and Uplift

Being a 43 year of mum of 4 and having breastfed I was very self conscious of my breasts. Holiday times were a nightmare, I could never find a bikini that made me feel good. From my initial consultation the nurse made me feel relaxed and assured that I had made the right decision to have surgery.  My surgeon made me confident and at ease.  The surgery went really well and by day 4 I wasn’t needing any painkillers at all. The results have been fantastic, exactly how I wanted it to be. The best experience I could hope for from start to finish.

Patricia Anderson – Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty (Eye Bag Removal)

When I decided on cosmetic surgery my first thought, obviously, was to be sure I would be in safe hands. With The Harley Medical I needn’t have worried. From my initial consultation with the lovely nurse I felt at ease immediately. My questions were answered honestly and accurately and I never, for one moment, felt pressured into anything. From start to finish the warmth, care and decency of these lovely people really touched me. Absolutely nothing was too much trouble. You are all absolute stars. Mr Sleiter, my surgeon, your professionalism and skill are amazing. A lovely man and an awesome surgeon! Simply the best! And the anaesthetist was so gentle and calming, thank you. I am planning a facelift I the future and it’s so comforting to know that I will be in the safest hands again. A massive thank you to all. And see you soon!

Holly David – Laser Hair Removal

Really great service. I was having the "ultimate bikini laser” (i.e. everything off) and my practitioner made me comfortable at all times. The pain was not bad at all and I was given some Aloe Vera gel and an icepack to avoid any redness. So excited to finally get rid of the unwanted hair! Thanks!

Kayleigh Douglas – Bilateral Otoplasty (Ear Reshaping)

I’ve been unhappy with me ears most of my life as they have always protruded quite a lot from my head. After making the decision to have surgery I had my first meeting with Kirstine in March. It was so easy talking and dealing with all the staff and nurses there and I knew instantly from that first meeting that I had made the right decision. I had the operation at a hospital in Manchester where the level of care towards their patients is at the highest level. I only wanted to be a day case so very helpfully I was admitted at 7am in the morning and was in theatre by 9am. I left the hospital by about 2.30pm so was not long at all. I am very happy with the end result and would advise anyone who is unhappy with their body in any way to go and have a consultation if they can.

Stella Balu – Laser Hair Removal

As always fantastic service at The Harley Medical Group. I have been coming here for years and I can’t fault it. The nurses are friendly and always do everything they can to help. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Harley Medical Group Manchester.

Naomi Marx – Rhinoplasty with Alar Base Reducton (Nose reshaping)

Since I could remember I have always avoided having my photo taken, whatever the occasion I was always the one taking the picture so I would not have to be in it. Then when I looked back over the years I realised there’s not many photos of me, no memories of me and I understood why this was. I decided to be brave and fix my problem / insecurity. I have no regrets.

Aaron Howard – Laser Hair Removal

Thanks to the professional and caring team at THMG I’ve been able to love my body again. Danielle’s attention to detail, care and professionalism made the whole experience from start to finish a good experience. The excellence of the nursing care made me recommend THMG to lots more clients.

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By Foot

Our clinic is located on the corner of John Dalton Street and Albert Square. We overlook the famous Manchester Town Hall.


Closest tram stop is St Peters Square.

Victoria Railway Station is approximately 10 minutes from the clinic by foot. Piccadilly Railway Station is approximately 20 minutes from the clinic by foot.


Available car parks:

  • King street west M3 2WY Tariff: 2 hours £7; 4 hours £15
  • Bridge Street M3 5AH Tariff: 1 hour £3 2 Hours £5
  • Marks and Spencer (off Market Street) M1 1WT Tariff: 2 hours £4


Visitors are requested to report to reception

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The best way to receive individual advice is to come and see one of our specially trained nurse counsellors. All our consultations are totally free and without any obligation and remember at The Harley Medical Group you will only see a specially and experienced professionals so you can rest assured you will receive the best advice.

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We checked this service was likely to be safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led during registration.
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